What is the save button on my thermostat?

The Save button allows you to save energy and money while you are not at home by allowing one button press to decrease the set point temperature in winter and increasing the set point temperature during summer.  Whenever you leave the house, hit the Save button to put it in Save mode.  When you return, hit the Save button again to cancel the “Save” mode and resume normal operation.

To enter Save mode

  1. Press Save button
  2. “Save” will be visible in the display
  3. The Save Temperature (or setback temperature) will be displayed and will be flashing.
  4. While it is still flashing, you can change the “Save” temperature to anything you want by using the up and down keys.
  5. After 5 seconds with no button presses, the displayed “Save” temperature can be used as the set temperature, and ambient temperature will be returned to the display.

In heat mode, the save temperature defaults to 5 F lower than the current temperature.
In cool mode, the save temperature defaults to 5 F higher than the current temperature.

“Save” will remain visible until the “Save” mode is cancelled.