LUX Launches KONOz Smart Hub Thermostat

KONOz is the first Thermostat in its Smart Suite to be Zigbee 3.0 Certified;  

Works with Zigbee Smart Hub Systems


Philadelphia, PA, July 25, 2018 – LUX Products Corporation today announced the launch of LUX KONOz, a Zigbee Certified smart hub thermostat.  The thermostat uses the Zigbee 3.0 platform to work with Zigbee-based smart hub systems. In addition to seamlessly connecting to various smart hubs, KONOz comes in an attractive white finish and offers additional Interchangeable Décor-snap™ covers in nine trend-setting colors for added personalization and is priced at $149 MSRP.


KONOz can be powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries for up to two years, C-wire or LUX Power Bridge (sold separately) and is designed for easy installation with tooless push terminals and 2h/1c universal system compatibility.  It offers a simple and intuitive knob interface with easy access to menus, set-up and comfort control.  KONOz is equipped with the market-leading Cortet EM357 module for superior RF performance and longer battery life.


“We are proud to have the first thermostat approved as a certified Zigbee 3.0 device,” said Rob Munin, CEO at LUX Products. “For cable and security companies and big box retailers, KONOz offers a quality and reliable thermostat solution that is affordable and one that easily connects to various Zigbee smart hubs – making it an easy purchase for homeowners. It’s easy to install, offers a level of personalization with its Décor Snap covers and provides zero degrees of difficulty for users.  It’s a great win for the industry.”


“We are excited to have a membership of innovators and leaders in the Internet of Things,” said Victor Berrios, vice president technology for the Zigbee Alliance. “By certifying the LUX KONOz, LUX has expanded the Zigbee 3.0 ecosystem with a new, cutting-edge product and taken a step toward a comprehensive, user-focused smart home.”


KONOz is built on the highly rated and successful KONO Smart Wi-Fi platform that LUX introduced late last year.  KONOz joins LUX’s portfolio of quality and reliable thermostats that are designed for easy installation at price points that are budget-friendly for homeowners and businesses. The thermostat can be connected with other devices through a smart hub and can be easily managed via a hub system’s mobile app. KONOz can be controlled from anywhere through the app and, when paired with voice assistants through smart hub, users can control thermostats with voice commands.


Pricing, Availability & Integration

The KONOz SmartHub thermostat will be available summer 2018.  For more information or to purchase KONOz, call 856.234.7905 ext. 112 or visit LuxProducts.com/konoz.  For those interested in learning more about integrating KONOz with a smart hub or connecting to another device, please reach out to LUX at KONOz@luxproducts.com.


About LUX Products Corporation
LUX Products is an innovator in home comfort. The company continues to revolutionize how the thermostat is used in the home through innovative product design and forward-thinking mobile services. Through its rich heritage in designing and manufacturing innovative Pro-friendly products and services, LUX  leads the industry with a wide variety of superbly designed, feature-appropriate, reliable thermostats for every home and budget. In addition to its broad product portfolio, LUX provides impressive customer service to homeowners and its professional partners through its US-based team. LUX is one of the only smart thermostat companies with its own manufacturing facilities and all of its products are designed by its creative, in-house technology and development team at its Philadelphia headquarters. LUX thermostats are distributed nationwide from Laredo, Texas.  For more on us visit LuxProducts.com.


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