LUX Products Corporation Unveils New, Smart Digital Thermostat; Premium Features Without the Premium Price

LUX/GEO Thermostat Delivers Flexibility and Control, Saving Consumers Money on Energy Bills

Philadelphia, PA – Sept. 14, 2015 – Not all thermostats are created equal – and those that come with premium features usually come with a premium price, until now. LUX Products Corporation is pleased to announce its newest thermostat addition, the LUX/GEO WiFi thermostat. Available immediately and at a significantly lower price point than competing products at just $179, the LUX/GEO puts the flexibility and control of home comfort in the hands of the home owner, either via smartphone device, desktop or the product’s intuitive control panel.


“We’re excited to launch the new LUX/GEO WiFi thermostat,” said Rob Munin, president of LUX Products Corporation. “Consumers want to have the flexibility and control to manage their home comfort while in the home and while they are away. However, many of the choices today are expensive and they don’t give the consumer full autonomy over their thermostat. The LUX/GEO is a quality, affordable and reliable product built from our years of innovation in home climate control. We believe it’s a homerun for consumers.”


With its attractive design and soft curves, LUX/ GEO has both brains and beauty. The large display, control wheel interface and free Android/ iOS App offer intuitive functionality both online and at the device. The LUX/GEO gives the user full control with easy-to-understand programing and also has built-in geofencing capability within the App that automatically puts the thermostat into an energy-saving mode when the homeowner is out of the house; it resets to provide optimal comfort with the homeowner enters the designated “fence.”


Product Features:

• Smartly Connected – LUX/GEO can simply connect to your home’s Wi-Fi offering control from the desktop or mobile device. This makes it easy to manage the temperature and adjust the schedule.

• Brilliantly Designed – This product was designed with simplicity in mind. Available in high-gloss piano black finish with dark chrome trim or pearl white finish with brushed chrome trim, the LUX/GEO has a bright, backlit display and wheel control for easy programming. The thermostat can also be mounted vertically or horizontally to fit your space the best.

• Simple Usability – The LUX/GEO can be controlled via a user-friendly mobile app or by simply rotating the wheel control to the desired temperature. The app is accessible via any mobile device and makes for quick, easy changes. The large display makes it easy to read the temperature controls and programmed settings. How you control the thermostat is up to you.

• Price Friendly – Retailing at just $179, the LUX/GEO fits into most budgets.

• Energy Savings – The LUX/GEO App provides tips that help homeowners save money based on energy efficiency, ideal temperatures, etc. In addition, the LUX/GEO is also part of many utility demand response and rebate programs. Check out www.LUX-GEO.com to find a participating utility near you.

• Easy Installation– LUX/GEO is easy to install yourself or contact your local HVAC contractor for installation.


In addition, the LUX/GEO can be powered by system power C-wire, micro USB plug or AA lithium batteries. With up to 2 heat, 2 cool compatibility it means the LUX/GEO will work on virtually all systems.


Pricing & Availability

The LUX/GEO is available immediately for a suggested retail price of $179.00. It can be purchased on Amazon or contact your local HVAC contractor.


About LUX Products Corporation


LUX is a privately-held company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with its packaging and distribution plant in Laredo, Texas. The company is part of a growing global comfort controls enterprise anchored by Edwin McAuley Electronics (EME), a leader and innovator of controls with headquarters in Hong Kong and operations throughout Europe and Asia. With more than 100 years of experience delivering reliable products for the way people live with a priority on home safety and comfort, LUX is one of the largest brands of thermostats. The company has sold more than 10 million thermostats and garnered a Best Buy rating from a top, well-regarded consumer magazine. LUX is dedicated to bringing innovate ideas for comfortable living to market for today and for the future. To learn more about LUX Products, visit www.LUXProducts.com.