A Thermostat Never Looked so Colorful

Nine Colorful and Paintable Patented Décor -snap™ covers Change the Look of the Boring Thermostat


Philadelphia, PA, April 10, 2018 – Move over white, there’s a new sheriff in town and it’s bringing a fresh, new look to the thermostat that offers stylish design sense.

The thermostat is no longer a bland staple that sits on the wall.  The new patent-pending Décor-snap covers of the KONO Smart thermostat offer a purpose of functionality and design. These one-of-a kind covers are available in nine trend-setting colors plus a “paint it” option. In addition to the black stainless cover that comes with the KONO Smart, other offerings include Champagne Gold, Sea Mist Grey, Sky Blue, Driftwood, Hibiscus Red, Sea Green, Deep Blue, True White and Midnight Black. Each cover is sold separately so homeowners can easily select the best color choice for their room.  Covers range from $10-$15 each.


“The KONO Smart’s Décor-snap covers enable homeowners to incorporate the thermostat into the room décor,” said Rob Munin, CEO at LUX Products.  “This brings personalization of home comfort to a new level.  Not only does KONO Smart effectively and simply allow users to manage their indoor comfort, it also encourages them to bring their own personal style to the wall. No other thermostat company offers this level of personalization of the thermostat.”

Priced below other comparable smart thermostats at $149.00, KONO Smart offers zero degrees of difficulty™ and is voice compatible with the Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, giving homeowners plenty of options to control their comfort through Android phones, iPhones and smart speakers. It’s a sleekly designed, décor-oriented and unbelievably easy thermostat that allows you to manage your home comfort from anywhere in your home or via the LUX mobile app.

The paintable cover can be used to match your wall color or to showcase personal design talent. The artistically inclined can paint a fun seasonal picture on the removable thermostat cover or a child can decorate one with his/her one-of-a-kind inspiration. Change the thermostat cover by season, or holiday or just for a little pick me up.

LUX KONO Smart and its décor-snap covers are available at your local Home Depot store or at www.luxproducts.com/KONO.


About LUX Products Corporation
LUX Products is an innovator in home comfort. The company continues to revolutionize how the thermostat is used in the home through innovative product design and forward-thinking mobile services. Through its rich heritage in designing and manufacturing innovative products and services, LUX  leads the industry with a wide variety of superbly designed, feature-appropriate, reliable thermostats for every home and budget. With more than 100 years of experience, first delivering reliable timing devices and 30 plus years of home comfort control products, LUX is one of the largest brands of thermostats with over 15 million thermostats installed.  Its products have been noted by well-regarded consumer influencers and its smart products are compatible with home automation technologies like Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.  To learn more about LUX Products, visit www.LUXProducts.com.


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