LUX Products Announces Alexa Compatibility with its Smart Thermostats

Philadelphia, PA, March 16, 2017 – LUX Products Corporation today announced that its smart thermostat products are now Alexa compatible. The company’s smart thermostats from its GEO product portfolio can easily integrate to work with Amazon Alexa. For the best device to device experience, thermostats should be connected via the home’s system wire or with the company’s universal power adapter kit.


“We’re excited to announce that our smart thermostats are now Alexa compatible; this is the first step in a line of many new upgrades and products we’ll be introducing this year,” said Rob Munin, president and CEO of LUX Products. “As homeowners look at home automation, the thermostat is one of the first devices to be connected and truly used as a ‘smart’ product. Alexa, through simple voice commands, makes it easy for people to control their LUX/GEO and their home comfort.”


About LUX Products Corporation 
LUX is a privately-held company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with an R&D center in Hong Kong, manufacturing in Asia and packaging and distribution plant in Laredo, Texas. With more than 100 years of experience delivering reliable products for the way people live with a priority on home comfort, LUX is one of the largest brands of thermostats. The company sells more than one million thermostats each year and has garnered a Best Buy rating from a top, well-regarded consumer magazine. LUX is dedicated to bringing innovate ideas for comfortable living to market for today and for the future. To learn more about LUX Products, visit www.LUXProducts.com.


Media Contact:
Kim Miller
LUX Products Corp.