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Where to buy

With an extensive line offering, Lux products can be categorized by thermostats, range parts and timers. For your convenience, we have provided the product categories and the retail partners supporting our lines below with live links to begin your shopping experience.

Our retail (in-store and online) parnters are recognized brands known for their commitment to customer service. However, if you are not finding the product or experience you need, please call our Customer Service team for support.

Lux Customer Service:

Where to buy

Thermostat available at:

Lowe thermostat
home thermostat
Ace thermostat
sutherland thermostat
menard thermostat
true value thermostat
jerry thermostat
grover thermostat

Timers available at:

k mart timer
true value timers
Ace timers
bed bath and beyond timers
really good stuff timers

Range replacement available at:

Ace range
true value range
sutherland range