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Our History

Lux Products Corporation is actually named by our founder, Paul Lux. Mr. Lux was an employee of the Waterbury Clock Company of Connecticut when he decided to start his own business with his wife and two sons. The Lux Clock Manufacturing Company began in 1914 at first manufacturing only clock movements but growing into a full-fledged clock maker until 1941 where attention was given to manufacturing products on behalf of the war effort. Following World War II, the company established a manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Tennessee and then, in 1959, a facility in Ontario, Canada opened.

After changing ownership in the 1960’s, in 1991 the opportunity to become a wholly owned company began a new era; with a nod to its rich heritage and honoring the Lux name, today’s Lux Products very quickly became a well known brand -continuing today with our legacy timers, with a focus on home comfort with innovative thermostat and control products .

One hundred years after Paul Lux started his company, we’ve gained a more global presence with an acquisition by Edwin McAuley Electronics (EME), a global leader focused on a sustainable and comfortable tomorrow. EME proudly has its corporate, worldwide headquarters in Hong Kong, with facilities in Asia, Europe and of course the US.

In the spring of 2015, with an eye on the future, Lux moved to a new US headquarters at the famed Navy Yard in Philadelphia, PA.

Lux Products Corporation is a company focused on innovation, reliability and approachability.