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Instruction Manuals

Although we’ve designed our thermostats for ease of instruction - our comprehensive instruction manuals provide the added detail for when you need it as we are committed to your comfort and satisfaction.
Please note: Over time, an update to an existing model may be necessary; as these updates do not require new model numbers, we simply note the update with a versioning suffix. (ie: TX0000a) Our instruction manuals can be downloaded for each version available

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Picture Model number Manual download Terminal label download FAQ download Sort
Range Parts Range Parts
TX9600TS TX9600TS
TX100E TX100E
TX500E TX500E
TX500U TX500U
TX1500U TX1500U
TX9100U TX9100U
WIN100 WIN100
T10-1141SA T10-1141SA
T10-1143SA T10-1143SA
LV11 LV11
LV21 LV21
DMH110 DMH110
TX1500Ua TX1500Ua
TX1500Ub TX1500Ub
TX1500Uc TX1500Uc
TX500Ua TX500Ua
TX500Ub TX500Ub
TX500Uc TX500Uc
TX9100Ua TX9100Ua
TX9100Ub TX9100Ub
TX9100Uc TX9100Uc
TX9600TSa TX9600TSa
CAG1500 (discontinued) z-CAG1500
ELV1 (discontinued) z-ELV1
LP0511D (discontinued) z-LP0511D
TX1000 (discontinued) z-TX1000
TX1500 (discontinued) z-TX1500
TX1500E (discontinued) z-TX1500E
TX250 (discontinued) z-TX250
TX500 (discontinued) z-TX500
TX9000 (discontinued) z-TX9000
TX9000RF (discontinued) z-TX9000RF
TX9000TS (discontinued) z-TX9000TS
DHP2110 (discontinued) z-DHP2110
DHP2120 (discontinued) z-DHP2120
DMH100 (discontinued) z-DMH100
CH200SA (discontinued) z-CH200SA
CH400SA (discontinued) z-CH400SA
LHP750 (discontinued) z-LHP750
T10-1141 (discontinued) z-T10-1141
T10-1143 (discontinued) z-T10-1143
T20-1141 (discontinued) z-T20-1141
T20-1141SA (discontinued) z-T20-1141SA
T40-1143 (discontinued) z-T40-1143
T40-1143SA (discontinued) z-T40-1143SA
TH10 (discontinued) z-TH10
THC15 (discontinued) z-THC15
LV1 (discontinued) z-LV1
LV2 (discontinued) z-LV2
TX700U TX700U
Short Ring Timer Short Ring Timer
Long Ring Timer Long Ring Timer
Electronic Timer Electronic Timer